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Last Prophete

In just under an hour, I will sing my last performance of Fides in Meyerbeer's Le prophete. It's always a little sad to say good-bye to a role, but this will more poignant than most, because this is very likely the last time I will sing this role in my life. There's been a small uptick in Meyerbeer performances, but he still hasn't really recovered from his reputation-bashing by Wagner, and so the chances to perform his works are still few and far in between. Pity, because the music is worth performing. And in Fides, he has written a character with great passion and heart, with a vast vocal range and colors to bring her strong emotions to vivid life. On a personal note, it is the biggest role I have ever sung, and certainly among the most challenging, and it taught me just what I was actually capable of. I will always be grateful I had this chance. And so I approach this last performance with a mostly happy heart. Adieu, Fides. It's been an amazing ride.

(Pictured in front of my costumes)

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