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My first year

My first Spielzeit at Linz has come to a close! I'm so grateful to this opera house for giving me a full-time career in opera, and for the stability that comes with working for one opera house on a two year contract. I'm so thankful too for the wonderful opportunities I've had here. My first role, the Amme in Frau ohne Schatten, was the longest and most challenging role to date, but it was also probably the one out of the all the roles I've done in my career that I loved the most. In the winter, I got in delve into the complexity and pathos of the Mother in Hänsel und Gretel. It's a short role, but I really enjoyed the chance to play a role that, in my opinion, that actually rings true and isn't a caricature. On the other end of the spectrum, I had a blast playing a vain, splashy, truly over-the-top Larina in Eugene Onegin this spring and summer. Thank you Linz for everything! Now, on to America to recharge!

(pictured below, Brängane in Tristan und Isolde --premiere September 15th, Larina in Eugene Onegin, and Amme in Frau ohne Schatten)

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