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Stride la vampa!

T-Minus 2 Minutes until the premiere of il Trovatore! Verdi ain't no joke. I've definitely sung longer roles (hello Amme, hello Fidès!), but it took me a while to negotiate the balance between acting and singing with this one, and just generally, get the pacing down. Verdi structured the role so you begin off the bat with an aria, then almost immediately into another aria (long, emotional), then a duet, followed by a quick panicky recit, then another duet, so finding a momentto breath and recover (quite literally) in the first half was a big challenge! Luckily things seemed to finally gel for me in the last two rehearsals so I'm hopeful tonight will be a good one. Thanks to everyone behind the scenes who worked so tirelessly on this production and toi toi toi to all my fantastic colleagues!! Looking forward to bringing this amazing character to life!

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